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About Us

Murray Lighting & Electrical Supply Co.

Murray Lighting & Electrical Supply Co. is a complete lighting and electrical supply house with a single brick & mortar location based in Detroit, MI since 1963. Murray Lighting supplies products including Commercial & Residential Lighting Fixtures, LED Bulbs & Tubes, Panelboards/Switchboards, Group Metering/Meter Packs, Safety Switches/Disconnects, Tap Boxes/CT Cabinets, Fittings/Fasteners, Pipe/Cable, and much more. Initially servicing primarily the Metro-Detroit market, Murray Lighting has been able to expand its reach to conducting business in nearly all 50 States through our long-standing relationships with local and national contractors. 

With an exceptional customer service experience, and consistently performing with competitive pricing; general contractors, electricians, designers, architects, facilities maintenance, property managers, and real estate developers continue to use Murray Lighting as their go-to supplier for industry related needs. Whether it's a small remodel project or a major new construction development, our team has the experience, knowledge, and resources to assist you in your next project.