DTE Commercial Lighting Instant Discount Program

Instant Rebates Available for DTE Commercial Accounts

With the DTE Instant Rebate Program, you are able to take instant savings at the point-of-sale on qualified LED Lighting products for commercial businesses and buildings.  The installation address must be verified via DTE's Customer Validation Database in order to be eligible. 

To participate, simply complete the form below and one of our lighting specialists will be in touch with your qualification status, qualified products, instant discount pricing - or further information required to proceed. 

Product types that are eligible for the instant rebate program include, but are not limited to: 4FT LED Tubes, 8FT LED Tubes, 2x2 Flat Panels, 2x4 Flat Panels, Exterior Flood Lights, Wall Packs & Retrofits, Exterior Canopy & Parking Fixtures, High Bays, A-Line LED Bulbs, Candelabra LED Bulbs, PAR/BR LED Bulbs, Retrofit Downlights & Occupancy Sensors.

*Not all LED Lighting is qualified for the program
*Minimum Customer Contribution is $1 per unit
*Downlights are limited to solid state retrofit only
*Rebate applicable to limit of Quantity 25 per location, per year on the following: flat panel, high bay, exterior canopy & exterior parking garage fixtures
*Emergency-only lighting is not eligible for instant rebate.

DTE Instant Rebate Form

DTE Instant Rebate LED Flat Panels
DTE Instant Rebate LED High Bays
DTE Instant Rebate LED Flat Panels
DTE Instant Rebate LED High Bays