Atlas PFSXW27LED Extra Wide Flood - 3100 Lumens 27W LED Flood Light with Knuckle Mount - 4500K (FREE SHIPPING ON 9+ FIXTURES)




Atlas PFSXW27LED - Producing up to 142 lumens per watt, the Extra Wide Floods provide an extra wide distribution (NEMA 7x7) that is recommended for accent lighting on short setbacks and for sign and wall wash applications. They produce a smooth, even and uniform light pattern.

Atlas PFSXW27LED Features Include:

  • Extra wide distribution
  • Short setback accent lighting
  • 7x7 NEMA beam spread
  • High efficiency - up to 142 lumens per watt
  • Patented durable housing design
  • Smooth, uniform light pattern
  • Protected by U.S. Patent D710,530

Download PFSXW27LED Spec. Sheet Here

Download PFSXW27LED Installation Guide Here

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